Own a Smiley Swirl Franchise and Deliver Smiles to Everyone You Meet. 😄

If you want to own a business where you feel fulfilled, then a Smiley Franchise may be right for you.

Control Your Schedule

Control Your Destiny

Deliver Smiles to Everyone You Meet

Smiley Swirl is an event-driven business. We do not roam through neighborhoods hoping to make a sale. Instead, as a franchise owner, people will call you to book your Big Pink Ice Cream Truck for special occasions.  

  • Nurse Appreciation Days
  • Corporate Events
  • Church Youth Groups
  • School Events
  • Festivals
  • Birthday Parties
  • Weddings
  • And More

Soft, Swirly Ice Cream Creates Memorable Events!


Interested in Owning a Big Pink Ice Cream Truck?

Benefits of Owning a Big Pink Ice Cream Truck:

Smiley Swirl Trucks can be a one-person operation. Unlike owning a restaurant where employees come and go, a Big Pink Truck owner can handle most events with one person or maybe two for large festivals and fairs, which takes the hassle out of business ownership.
You can own a Smiley Swirl as a part-time gig. Some people are looking for opportunities to earn some extra income. What a great way to do so by delivering smiles to all ages.
There is no stinky grease trap to wrestle. Our Big Pink Trucks do not have grills and greasy traps to clean. Your Smiley Swirl truck will have an ice cream machine, freezers, refrigerators, and storage space.
We deal in volume. Most food trucks take orders and deliver the food item within 15-20 minutes (sometimes more). At Smiley Swirl, we take the order, swirl the ice cream, and deliver a smile within seconds. So, within the time your average food truck takes and delivers an order, we have already served 35 smiling customers.
Events are booked well in advance. Your Big Pink Truck will not roam through neighborhoods, nor will you be parked only at food truck lots. Your Big Pink Truck will deliver smiles at corporate offices, hospitals, youth groups, schools, weddings, birthday parties, festivals, assisted living facilities, and more.

Interested in Owning a Big Pink Ice Cream Truck?