About Smiley Swirl

Tonya and Eric BroylesSmiley Swirl was born out of the happiness and the smiles ice cream delivers. In her teens, our founder Tonya Broyles worked at a local ice cream shop where she experienced peoples love for soft serve ice cream firsthand. Even though Tonya went on to earn her Ph.D. in Nursing she admits that serving ice cream was her favorite job.

Today, Smiley Swirl is a family run mobile ice cream shop that offers cones, cups, shakes, bars and sundaes at events. Smiley Swirl is different by design, catering to those who host events rather than driving aimlessly through neighborhoods.

Tonya and her husband Eric were motivated to create Smiley Swirl after seeing the rise in the food truck industry. Tonya’s memories of soft, swirly ice cream from her high school job inspired them to research soft serve machines and recipes, next came the truck. After months of building both the business model and the Big Pink truck, Smiley Swirl began it’s operation in 2018.

With a few weddings, school events, and festivals under their belt, the word quickly spread. Eric and his son, Kase, were called to provide smiles at manufacturing plants, business offices, hospitals, car dealerships, churches; you name it, the Big Pink truck was there! It didn’t take long for the phone to start ringing from counties away, which is when the decision needed to be made. “Do we add another truck or do we franchise?”

Given the opportunity to spread Smiley Swirl across the nation, the Broyles Family decided to start offering franchises in the late Spring of 2022. Interested buyers can go to the franchise page to put their name on our early bird list. The Smiley Swirl franchisees will have the opportunity to be their own boss, control their own schedules, and more importantly, make a difference in someone’s day.

“At Smiley Swirl, we love bringing smiles to events. It’s soft, swirly ice cream after all.”